All decorations interfering with moving will be removed during the spring clean- up which begins March 15 annually.

Artificial flowers, wreaths, boxes, potted plants, etc. will not be permitted during the mowing season, March 15 thru October 15, except on Memorial Day when they may be used for 10 days only and will be removed 10 days after Memorial Day.

Flags or other insignia are permitted on Memorial Day only. Only grave stones are allowed on graves. There should be no planting at any time.

No statues, benches, vigil lights, plastic, glass, metal cans, cement objects, urn planters, rocks, shepherd’s hooks, metal pipes, bricks or wire will be permitted. Natural fiber twine is recommended for attaching decorations.

Any appropriate winter decorations such as wreaths or artificial flowers may be used from October 15 until March 15.

Updated 5-17-19 Subject to change